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WTF is going on?!

Almost all of us have been experiencing some Heart Chakra opening and clearing as of late. I can thankfully say that the fluttering in my higher heart and heart chakras has come to an end, though still feeling the pressure between my shoulder blades. As we open and expand, moving with conscious breath, the things that are being offered to our awareness right now can be weird dreams, memories, flash backs and actual in person reminders of relationships from the past. Like random people showing up that you haven't seen (and didn't really want to see), or thoughts about those people and their roll in specific timelines of your life. All of this is being brought to your attention for a reason. Time to let go. You don't need the old reactions, memories or reminders anymore. You are being encouraged (or forced with a cosmic 2x4) to step away from all of those experiences and step into alignment. You are being offered a choice to step forward and tell the Universe what you want to experience in your life. It's showing you the past so that you can figure out what you don't want to experience again in the future. So, what are you going to do?

We are coming up on the full moon next week, which sheds light and clarity on situations in general. It can make us more sensitive and emotional, easily flying off the handle, or bursting into tears. Whatever it is that is being presented to you, remember your breath. It has power. Honour what's coming forward, as every single emotion has value. be present with it, and let it go. Taking 5 minutes out of your day to sit and breathe, connecting with the Earth and remaining grounded will offer you clarity. I highly recommend journaling at this time because your intuition will be heard more clearly over the next 10 days. Don't know what to write about? Perhaps just start with Gratitude. Write down what you are grateful for. It can be something as simple as the sunrise this morning, or your first cup of coffee in silence. It can be gratitude for family, that butterfly you saw on your way home, the simple act of kindness that you've experienced in such wild times. Don't allow your judgement to take over and watch that mind chatter. It's easy to fall into old ways with negative self talk and self sabotage, so be mindful! Use your thoughts and words for self empowerment. I guarantee, in 6 months time when you look back on your writings, you'll see the words of a completely different person.

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