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The Illusion

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

In the grand scheme of things that have happened for us over the course of the last year, there is something growing among the population and it isn't a virus. Perhaps we could see it as one however.

The greatest illusion is the idea of separation. Us vs them. Maskers vs antimaskers. Pro-vaccine vs antivaccine. Light vs dark. There's a great divide going on, and it hurts. To see so many fighting among themselves about who is right and who is wrong. Some diving deep into the rabbit hole while others are simply trying to keep it together. This rift feels like we are all part of an awful divorce. When we experience a loss, it's not uncommon for people to fight and lay blame. The things that are supposed to bring us together are instead tearing people apart. Sinking further into blame, shame, and judgement. Feeding this separation further with their own fears and insecurities. It's ok to feel angry, afraid and uncomfortable in times of unknown future circumstances. Times like these, should encourage us to band together, supporting one another and in the beginning it did! I saw hope compassion and kindness... The longer we choose to hold on to anger, fear and this experience, the further we will slip into a state of judgment hatred and ridicule. I feel it too, and have caught myself more than a few times being judgemental when lost in a moment of frustration.

When you hear the word Unity, what does it bring to mind?

Unity means to come together as one. It's where we all began. One light, spread through billions of humans. The light of compassion, understanding, love and hope. The light that trusted in Divine timing, even in times of discomfort. Remember who you are. Don't get lost in the chaos, remember that light that shines so brightly. Choose to evolve, and grow and blossom. Take the time to sit with yourself. Every emotion has a place at your table, even the hard ones. Allow them to come forward, and integrate them. They are part of who you are. Unity of the self on every level, is the key to unity of the people.

Take the time to sit quietly with whatever you are feeling in the moment. Actually sit with it. Let yourself feel angry, hunt for the reason why you feel that way. When you find the root, give it all of the forgiveness, love and compassion you can. When you feel afraid, let yourself feel afraid. Source the root of why you feel afraid. When you do, offer yourself stability and safety. Get grounded in this moment. Accept them. Be open to them, and as you do, integrate them into your light, your being. Be your own support, your own cheerleader and spread your light. It's time for us all to come together in unity.

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