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Get to know Candice

Since 2012 Candice has been honing her skills as an energy practitioner. Though certified in Reiki and IET, you won't find certificates on her walls. In her healing space the walls are instead lined with channeled artwork. You are greeted with tea and a comfy spot by the fire in the winter months, and ice water and a hammock chair in the spring/summer/fall. Candice believes that living an authentic life is the true path to inner healing, so though her practices are unconventional, you will feel more at ease and at peace in this space than you could imagine. 

There is no judgement here. Just an open heart, open mind and Cheshire Cat like grin when you're on the right track. You'll be led down your own rabbit hole to "A-HA!!" moments that you come to all on your own. Answers to your own questions will rise from within you. This is what she offers. The space and ability for YOU to do the work.

The services available to you are: Energy Healing (Reiki, or IET), Energetic Realignment, Crystal Therapy, Spiritual Guidance, Readings, and Workshops.

She also creates handcrafted artisanal selfcare items that have also been charged with healing energy like; Soap, Bath Salts, Sugar Scrub, Shower Steamers, Lip Balm, Candles, Wax Melts, Smudge Herbs and Resins, Tea herbs, Crystal jewelry, Sun catchers and so much more! She also carries an excellent selection of crystals.

Candice opens by appointment and has availability during the day, in the evenings and on weekends.

Let’s Work Together

2739 Leeds Grenville Rd 20

Kemptville ON

Tel: 343-987-0477

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