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Where do we begin...I would love to start with Once Upon A Time but this isn't the place for fairytales... Who am I kidding, yes it is!

Our story unfolds much like any other. A girl meets a boy, they fall madly in love and decide to spend eternity together. A beautiful princess is brought into the world but little did they know that the princess had SUPER sensitive skin. So the Queen decides to try her hand at crafting soaps made with the best ingredients in the land! Ten Years later, she still continues to make nourishing soaps and other products and shares them with the world.

Then life got real, and her husband was diagnosed with MS. In an effort to bring him relief she sought out any natural means that she could and found Reiki. Not knowing how deeply it would help her move through everything that she was feeling and experiencing first, and then be able to bring comfort and a sense of calm to him. Candice has been practicing energy work since 2012 and thanks the stars every day that she found it. She bares witness to how effective energy healing is to the mental, emotional and spiritual parts of ourselves. The physical body receives a welcome reprieve and a sense of general well being once you get everything else into a state of ease and grace.

This is simply the beginning, there is no end yet.

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