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Well hi there! 

My name is Candice and I'm delighted to see you here.

If you've found this page by recommendation or by chance, welcome.

Let me explain a little about myself and what I offer here.


I create some pretty amazing things here in this space, all designed to act as tools on our journey. From the handcrafted soap to the cleansing bath salts, magical balms and bath oils. All of it comes from channeled recipes and each is filled with energy healing, and a little help from the elementals.

I am not a fan of labels, so though I am a "Master", you'll never hear me call myself that. I've been in practice since 2012 when I started walking this path. I've taken my reiki training, IET (Integrated Energy Therapy), Acupressure and channel some amazing energies of my own. My primary directive is Root Cause and Realignment. To find the source of the issues that you are experiencing so that you can heal it at it's source, instead of using a bunch of bandaid solutions.

Am I a doctor? No. And I make no promises. I do however inspire hope and empowerment so that you can start making positive changes for yourself through changing thoughts and belief patterns, emotional release, journal work, breath work and energy work. I will challenge you to use your intuition and your feelings. I will teach you to use these tools in moments where you feel triggered so that you can calm and center yourself, which helps to break cycles.

Am I a therapist? No. But I am an amazing listener, I read a lot of books whos knowledge I retain, and I'm highly Intuitive. I like to lead people to their own answers and "Ah ha" moments. You'll know you're on the right track when a Cheshire Cat like grin crosses my lips. Answers to your own questions will rise from within you. This is what I offer. The space and ability for YOU to do the work.

If I had to choose some key words to describe the work we do here, and I say we because you and I work together as a team, with our teams. The words I would choose are:

*Energetic healing through the emotions

*Ancestral/Generational Healing 

*Activation & reclaiming of the Divine blueprint of your life

*Shadow work & Self-empowerment 

*Reconnection & Realignment of the meridian system & energy bodies

*Timeline shifting & Interdimensional Anchoring (4D to 5D)

*Transcendence, Transmutation & Transformation 


There is so much more that we do here, but ultimately, you have to do the work. You have to be ready and if you found me, then you probably are. It may seem scary, or hard and so it should because it's the idea of something unknown. Or maybe you forget what it feels like to feel free which can also be super scary. I assure you however that you are in good hands. Healing is challenging work, but on the other side of it there is a peace that you have never known. A true sense of joy that will rise from within you. A sparkle that you thought you'd lost. Are you ready?

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