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Cycles and spirals

When we think about cycles, spirals and circular motions, what does it bring to mind? Constantly going over things that happened or are happening "yet again" are asking you to shift your focus.

In my last blog, we did the written work, expressed in our emotions and how we have been affected by everything that has happened over the last year. For many it was a heavy experience, offering insight into the deeper shit we hold way down in our bellies. Some wanting to cry or lash out. A deep gurgling rage, or waves of tears that left you feeling capsized. All for a reason. We hear (and feel) a lot about being caught in a rut, but that word in itself is just another meaning for cycle. Coming back to things and feeling stuck like you haven't made any progress. I assure you, you have. The reason why you are being brought back to those moments and that stuck feeling is because every time you come back to it, you are offered a choice. To keep doing what you are doing, or to make a big shift in your life and start doing something differently that will offer a step up on that spiral. So what holds us back from taking that step up? What makes us feel like we can't, so instead we walk past the staircase? Impending doom! Fear. Insecurity. The little voice in your head that says "no no, we are good right here, keep moving, nothing to see here".

The voice that makes you feel powerless and talks you out of trying something different because it's afraid.

Meanwhile in the back of your mind there's a smaller voice that is eager to be heard. Wanting desperately to be given the opportunity to try something different. Often times what we forget is the fact that the universe has our back. Everything happens for a reason, and if we keep skipping out on the amazing things that could potentially happen for us choosing safety and security instead of the unknown, then of course you're going to feel stuck, sad and angry. Fear is a powerful thing! It has a purpose! You are however, allowed to say enough is enough and take over the wheel. Allow for something bigger than yourself to drive for a while. You are allowed to try something new, if you simply integrate that fear instead of pushing it away. Placing a hand over your beating heart, offering yourself consolation and that it's ok to feel afraid. To take your power back, instead of sabotaging yourself into thinking that you'll never succeed. Or better yet what if you DO!? That can be a terrifying thought as well. Standing at a cross roads between your passion and compliance with the norm. Having to choose the safety and security of a job over what you really want to do. Well let me make something perfectly clear. Your job security is not secure. At anytime, something could happen and you can easily be replaced. I know this sounds morbid, but if you died tomorrow, your job posting would be up before your obituary. We have this misconception about what security actually is. Life is nothing but spirals and cycles. Ever changing. Ever moving. Think about it. The next time you come to that staircase, think about your choices. Look at the perspective you are being offered. What are you going to do about it? Food for thought. You've got this.

Big Love. Candice

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