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Times like these

It's in times like these where we feel stuck, trapped, annoyed, frustrated and this sense of entitlement to "how things used to be" or "going back to normal" that we need a little kick in the ass. I say this with the deepest love and respect... seriously.

I know that as a unified consciousness, we are all feeling the strain and missing the things that we used to do. I feel the heaviness, and have felt this last few days like I'm breathing for the planet. Still sending out light and hope and challenging you to sink into trust. I'm asking you to embrace the solitude. Accept what is and trust the process of what's becoming.

We are in the goo stage of the caterpillar transformation. Learning to slow down, to Be with ourselves and hopefully doing so with less need for distraction. Sitting within the discomfort we are experiencing and becoming comfortable in the uncomfortable. Learning about what actually matters, where we are headed in this life and perhaps shifting our perspective on our relationships with other and ourselves.

I know countless people dealing with fear, self doubt, insecurities on every level, anxiety, sleep issues, heart palpitations (raises hand), feeling heaviness that makes it almost unbearable to move. What we need to remember is that we are in the winter season. Winter means it's a time for rest, reflection, self work, hunkering down, and going inward. So if you are feeling like you're lost, directionless, fell down a ditch headfirst into a dark forest and can't get your bearings, then you're in exactly the right place at the right time.

Much like plants and trees we can't be in growth mode all the time, and if there is anything that this pandemic has done its opened our eyes to the things that truly matter. It's challenged us on so many levels and personally I feel like it's about frigging time!!! So what now?

First things first, get a journal. I want you to grab a pen, and write 3 paragraphs, or a list - whatever you prefer - and write out how you feel about this whole situation and how it has affected you (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually).

Starting with things like:

I feel like...

I'm challenged by...

How do I feel about my faith (in humanity, in a spiritual sense etc.)

How have I been affected?

How have I changed?

I'm curious to hear about your findings. I'm curious about how you personally have shifted and changed. I'm curious to see if this journal work offers you perspective and what kind of other questions it inspires. Most of all, I'm intrigued to see where you'll take this information from here and what you will do with it!

If you are struggling a bit and feel called to, spiritual guidance sessions are still available, just through correspondence rather than in person. Contact me. I'm here to help you move through the goo and into the next phase of rebirth and realignment. On path, on purpose.

Big Love, Candice

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