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You are Light

I know that sometimes we forget. We forget that we are powerful. We forget that we are guided and never alone. We forget that we are the light in the world. We allow ourselves to be distracted so that we don't have to deal with the hard stuff like grief, self doubt and shame. We turn ourselves away so not to feel the pain, and so that we don't see what's going on all around us. It's so easy these days to turn a blind eye and only look where the blinders want you to see. What if instead, you chose to see more? To chose to look at the suffering around you, the pain, the hurt, the lies. To open your heart to empathy drop the sense of entitlement and feel for others as well as yourself. To do your best not to complain for a day and instead be grateful. Then 2 days, then a week. To let your light shine brighter regardless of who is looking and who complains that it hurts their eyes. Shine brighter. The ones who say you're too happy, shine brighter.

The ones who try to drown your spirit, shine brighter. The ones who meet your light with venom on their lips, Shine Brighter. The ones who want to pull you down, Shine Brighter.

Pull all of that light into your body. Through every layer of your being. Ĺet it fill you, then share it with the world.

May your mind be open to more. May your eyes be open to see. May your voice be heard. May your heart share love with others. May you be filled with joy. May you always feel worthy. May you always feel safe and may all of these things be anchored into your existence. So it is.

You are a light in the world.

Shine Brighter.

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