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Mercury Retro & all that jazz

As my fingers fly on the keyboard, I'm listening. Listening to all the words of the past, the blips of memories that come forward, the exhaustion I feel on a Soul level. When Mercury turns retrograde, we are offered countless opportunities. To Rest, Reflect, Remember, Recharge, Revisit, Revise, Redo... everything. Flash backs and memories are common, offering the chance to reflect on things. I've seen huge communication errors and energetically have been wanting to hunker down for 3 weeks to wait it all out. In reality, we can't. We still have to go out and interact with the world, though less than before.

Emotions are running high, and tempers are flashing. Take nothing personally. There's an underlying stirring going on. Time to release all of the past. ALL of it. Time to let go of anything that doesn't serve you on your highest path. Old memories of how things were, past relationships, any other reflections that have been making themselves known. It won't help you where you are going! It served you once upon a time and helped you to learn and grow. In the future, you can use the memory of what you have learned, but only that. No reliving over and over the regrets, or the resentment. You deserve more, but you have to release the old stuff to make room for the new. An internal purge.

Sleep patterns have been a little messed up for many (not for me, I'm an excellent sleeper LOL), with really weird dreams. I fell into a giant cauldron of soup the other so big I fell off the ladder while I stirred the pot. Take what you will from that statement LOL. Perhaps it's a caution to not "stir the pot" - I can be a bit of a disturber sometimes, or maybe it's an invitation to fall into the cosmic soup that we are all a part of right now.

Honestly, most times I find that I can move through this period with ease, focusing on the things we are "supposed to" during this planety stuff. This time though, I am finding it a bit more difficult. I haven't felt this "hunker down" feeling in almost 2 years and find it rather uncomfortable.

In practicing what I preach, I make time to ground and center. If my body tells me I have done enough and to rest, I do. If I feel uncomfortable, I try to find comfort in the discomfort. If I feel anxious, I close my eyes and give a little pep talk to myself. I remember to breathe. Inhaling all the light of the universe 1-2-3 in through the crown down into the depths of the belly, and exhaling everything that isn't of the light 1-2-3. Breath work is super important. Take notice of your breathing right now. Is it shallow and high in your chest, or are you taking nice deep breaths down into your abdomen?

No matter what you are experiencing, I remind you to breathe and get yourself grounded in whatever way works for you. Crystals like black tourmaline, hematite or smokey quartz, getting out in nature, hot bath or sitting by a stream, connecting with trees, bonfires or candles, gardening etc. Whatever it is that brings you back to center, this present moment, practice it.

The Universe in it's Divine wisdom will only give you what you can handle and though sometimes it's easy to sink into victim role and want to give in to the feeling of hopelessness, I invite you to dive into the Cosmic soup. Grab hold of a carrot and trust that the whirling, stirring motion of the spoon will soon come to a halt and all will be revealed in perfect time.

Sending you good thoughts and love to light your way <3

1 week down, 2 more to go. You've got this.

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