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Faith Trust & Pixie Dust

I'm not going to lie, I sat here quietly thinking about what I was going to write for a while and then got up and walked away LOL. Sometimes the words that we need to hear or say come in their own due time. Other times it's those magic "AHA!" moments that sneak up on you in the midst of your morning tea.

As an avid observer of humans, I notice the little things. Posture, how people carry themselves, their eyes tell all. I can see you under that mask. The physical one and the others. The one that hides your face vs the one you put on so that people don't see how deeply you are hurting or struggling. The eyes are considered the windows to the soul, which is why when you are hurting or not in a great headspace, you tend to avoid eye contact. Shifting your gaze away or to the floor so that others don't see your pain. This pandemic is helping us in discovering what it is to be socially awkward, or what mental health issues look like. We all dance around each other in an aisle. Most don't want to speak to anyone, just a rushed hustle and bustle and heading back to where ever they came from. I said back in March that it's "Social distancing, not emotional distancing" and I am still seeing this. We've changed, and not all in a positive way. I am watching from the sidelines as anxiety levels, anger and frustration hit the roof. (I experienced anxiety and panic attacks myself!) I can see the struggles of some and the heart ache of others. It's in this time that I remind you to step back into your Divine state and offer compassion and this includes yourself. Look people in the eyes, smile, offer a kind word. Hell, look yourself in the eye and offer a kind word! Then embrace this new normal with your whole self. Changes happen more swiftly and easily if you move with them, rather than fighting for an old way of BE-ing.

I am also seeing a lot of soul searching going on. People discovering that the job they were doing doesn't make them happy anymore. Feeling less fulfilled and asking if there's more. There is. We are all being encouraged to step into our own power and choose another path. A path to joy, connection, and purpose. A path that will lead us to harvesting from the fruits of our hearts labour. We are all being offered choices. Career changes, relationship changes, housing changes, job changes. SO many changes!! Let me assure you, change is a GOOD thing, in all of its forms. It's uncomfortable, because it's not part of your comfort zone, but true growth and expansion happens outside of that zone. LIFE happens outside of your comfort zone. Take a chance on faith, trust and pixie dust. Grow. Expand. Change. LOVE. Do it all, because if anything has been made completely obvious, it's the fact that things can change far more quickly than we anticipate. I see you my friends. I see you.

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