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Full Moons & Energy Vampires

Generally speaking full moons and eclipses inspire stories of werewolves and vampires. Creatures of the night hiding within the shadows, ready to pounce on their next victims. In reality, there are things called energy vampires and they are the types of people who seem to drain all of the life force energy from your system. The ones who only complain, and don't see the blessings infront of them, who seem to latch hold of you because you are bright and shiny and they want to be like you! The problem is that they take that light and when it wears off suddenly they feel shitty again, and need another source to drain. Instead they need to learn to self sustain their own light rather than draining it from others. So how do we accomplish that? With Shadow work.

What's that? Shadow aspects are the emotions/behaviors that we deem as negative or bad and shove down and away, instead of facing them as they come and moving through them. Things like anger, hatred, sadness, doubt, etc. and they are aspects that we don't want to look at because they make us uncomfortable. These aspects are "self" involved. Self hatred, self doubt, anger at the self....vicious circles and cycles that keep us running around doing the same shit day in and day out without self improvement because we are so focused on other people and how their lives look. The "grass is greener" complex. When we work with and on our shadows, it starts to shift things from victim role into a state of empowerment. We start to water and care for our own grass. We begin to see how truly blessed we actually are, and enter a state of gratitude, which then raises our vibrations naturally and we find ourselves with more joy, love and pride in ourselves. We get to the point where we are content with our lives and what we have. There is no longer a desire to compete. There is no longer a desire to keep up with the Jones's. You are perfectly happy driving a beater car, and living in a small cozy house that has everything you NEED, rather than the giant mansion, trip to Italy and that Porche that you want. (Though, just gonna say a Porche would be nice...). Another part of shadow work is looking at the fact that material things like huge houses, cars and trips is not going to fill the emotional void within you. Only you can do that, by giving yourself exactly what you need. So how do we find what we need, in the moment? Journaling. Listening to the voices in your head and finding out where they come from. Notice when you are around people that make you feel bad about yourself, rather than lift you up. Notice situations and people that try to influence decisions and behaviors, due to their own agenda. Don't take part in gossip. Notice the moments where you are wishing so deeply to have what they do, and ask yourself why you feel you need it? Is there an emotional attachment to specific outcomes? Speak to yourself as if you were a child, and ask what that child needs? It's going to take effort. Inner work is not easy. It's challenging and will make you look at things from entirely different perspectives that will inturn change the world you live in. YOU have to want to make changes. YOU have to start the process and start shifting those thought patterns. You have to be the one to notice when you feel terrible about yourself and instead give yourself the pep talk that your heart needs to hear. You have to be the one to put a hand on your heart and say "I AM ENOUGH, just as I am". There are always going to be haters. There are always going to be moments when people you know and love will probably make you feel bad about yourself because they don't agree with your style, or how many tattoos you have. Sweet heart, Fuck it. It doesn't matter. All that matters is the opinion that you have about yourself. So if you like your hot pink cheetah spandex, then for God sake wear it. OWN it.

If you're feeling down because of an experience with someone, don't allow their perception to cloud your thoughts. 99% of the time, they hate something within themselves and will do their damnedest to drain that light of yours. Vibrate higher. Talk to yourself. You are listening. <3

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