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Black Moons & Good Things Coming

Brightest blessings of the Black Moon!

A Black Moon is a second New Moon in a one month period. It's a powerful time for manifesting and clearing of all that no longer serves your highest and greatest good. This can come forward as an emotional release, strange dreams/sleep patterns, aches and pains within the physical body, fears and concerns coming to the forefront of our minds and what feels like 1000 thoughts running through our heads at once. During this time, it's SO important to remain grounded, acknowledge those thoughts and dreams, and sink further into trust. We are all being challenged right now. With so much uncertainty around the future, this is all coming forward offering you a chance to heal the past and move forward with great gusto. To sink into the flow of trusting that the Universe (Source, God, Goddess, etc) is holding you in it's very capable hands. Oh the divine timing of it all.

We all grew up with the notion of seeing is believing. The thought that we have to have something in order to believe in the possibilities behind it. Let me offer you an alternative.

Shifting your focus from "I will believe it when I see it", to "I believe, so I can receive"

Be open to surprises and gifts from the universe this week. Allow yourself to get lost in the dance, and let Spirit lead.

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