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A message: Divinely Timed

I had a huge pull this morning to write. As I gathered my pen and notebook, "They that are" took over my hand. I've added my thoughts at the end.

"It's in the times of profound silence and reflection where we connect with consciousness. In that space we have the Divine ability to reflect on what was and what will be, without emotional attachment. To be able to sit with our thoughts and feelings and act as an observer. To see and experience without getting caught up in thoughts, beliefs, old patterns and instead move steadily forward with insight and new perspectives. When we observe, we are offered the opportunity to lead with our hearts in a grounded and open heartspace. One of fortitude and grace.

Not to say that there will be no hardship, no, but to view hardship as an experience to grow and shift from. While we grow and shift from the changes and challenges we are invited to try new patterns and to begin to exist in 5D rather than the limitations of 3D consciousness. In 3D everything is a struggle. You fight tooth and nail to get what scraps you can. When shifting out of that fight and flight, into 5D consciousness, you shift your gaze ever so slightly and see that the crumbs you are scrambling for actually fell off the plate that you had in your hand the entire time. A glorious full plate of abundance and gratitude. Stop searching for crumbs. Take your plate and feast from the gifts of the Divine. The way things were, no longer serve you or your highest path. Fill yourself with joy, warmth and abundance. Be grateful for the chalice that you sip from. Be grateful for all of the gifts that you didn't know were delivered.

The best waiters, fill your glass without your awareness, and so too shall the Universe if you shift your gaze ever so slightly. Your cup shall never empty, and your plate will always be full. Your table is made long and large to share your abundance. Glory be to the king on high from which his people flourish and thrive. Glory to those who feast from the light of the Divine, and glory to those who have yet to sit at the table. Sing joyously from the heart, breathe great breaths into the lungs and feel the tender beating of your heart. Love. Be.

The greatest truths are both Heaven and Hell are of the beholder to experience. You've been through Hell and high waters. You've experienced pain and suffering. Now is the time to sink fully into trust and allow the light to bring joy and love, light and gratitude into the spectrum.

May Heaven on earth be found in the hearts of each soul as you ascend through these unprecedented times. Let your hearts soar to the greatest imaginable heights. High above the clouds and let the great golden light of the sun shine on the soul. It is in these heights that you shall learn to fly and feel exhilarated. Come Now, Heaven awaits".

My interpretation of the message is pretty simple. You have a choice. This life is of your own design. You can make it Heaven, or you can make it Hell. It's all in your perspective and how you see the world. Things might be shitty right now, and I know (believe me I know) how hard it is to shift out of a lack mentality and into one of abundance. Cripes I am still challenged on this from time to time. Right now we are being encouraged to look at things in another way. To see that our past, is just that. To see that our future can be whatever we want it to be. If you think that things will always be this way, then they will. If you think that things can only get better, then they will. If you start shifting your thought patterns to see the abundance around you, how blessed you are, how much you have, and how little you actually need to be happy, IMAGINE the possibility. No seriously, imagine. What if you started making choices that are in alignment with where you are going and what you want to do? It's up to you to make the effort to create great changes in your life. Align. Choose to vibrate higher. Choose to see the opportunities that are already here.

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