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Sometimes we  need a listening ear to offer perspective and help us through shifts when we feel blocked/stuck.

My goal is to assist you in shifting into a  forward momentum. We all feel at some point like we are stuck or there is something wrong with us.  Let me make this very clear. You my dear soul are not broken and nothing needs to be fixed. Perhaps instead, we can work towards shifting that perspective. Looking at challenges and lessons from a different point of view, and shedding light on certain things to encourage you to have your own "A-HA" moments. 

I will not give you the answers.  I will however open the door so that you can find them yourself.

Occasionally Oracle cards are used if you require a visual confirmation from your team, but generally everything that has been brought forward for you is channeled and  discussed over tea in a comfortable, casual manner.  It's not uncommon for me to offer crystals to work with during our session to assist in the process.

Whether your challenges are based in mental, emotional or spiritual layers, I believe in you and your abilities. 

With diligence, you can create the shift in your life that you have been working towards.  Sometimes we just need a little support through the process.

Spiritual Guidance Session

  • Please note that I am not a registered therapist, and that all sessions are meant to uplift and empower through channeled spiritual guidance. Should you require it, please see a qualified Medical Professional.

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