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This 6 week program offers the opportunity and potential for expansive personal growth.

We all experience times where we feel as though we are stuck. Sometimes feeling held back, or frustrated  in times of non-movement.  During these times, we can get caught up in our own minds, cycling through thought patterns and beliefs that keep us feeling small. They challenge our self worth, self confidence and self esteem. Wouldn't you like to change that?

My goal is to empower you and help you create the shift in your life that will bring you back to a space of self love, compassion and joy through finding root cause, working with shadow aspects of the self, combined with energy work, crystals and intuitive mentorship. Getting you back on path, on purpose.

So much can shift for us in a 6 week period, if we surrender how we think things "should be" and allow ourselves to be guided by something much bigger than ourselves.

It will take a solid commitment, actively working towards your goals.

I can't do this for you. You will get as much out of this program, as you put into it much like any other class.

This program includes:

* 1 Phe-Lu Energy Healing  Session (Table time finding root cause and creating a realignment with your intentions) see description below

* Once a week, one hour mentor sessions in person or by phone - working with crystals and intuitive guidance to help you through the shift and integrate if in person.

* Personalized Homework each week

* Self care Kit to work with for the first 4 weeks of integration

Your self investment is $650 + HST  

* Phe-Lu Energy Healing Sessions: Phe-Lu is a channeled healing modality that focuses on Root Cause and Realignment. I work with your Spirit Team to bring forward healing that is in alignment with your current path and redirect where needed. I work with you on your journey, offering intuitive support and guidance to assist you in moving forward. 

Full integration  after a session takes approximately 30 days, and you are fully supported in that process. I am here to answer any questions and walk you through the shifts that come afterwards. I encourage open communication.

On Path, On Purpose Program

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