A Divine Connection

I have the privilege of offering my services to you through Saltastic Salt Lounge!

Halotherapy is based on the principle of prolonged exposure to the micro-climate found in the natural salt mines/salt caves. Using a Medical Certified Halogenator, Pharmaceutical grade salt is ground and dispersed into the air in the salt room. When inhaled it's believed to clear and cleanse the respiratory track (helping with preventing and overcoming allergies and colds), and has multiple benefits to exposed skin/ skin conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis.


The energetic benefits behind Halotherapy are also quite wonderful. The salt that is dispersed into the air, clears the energetic field around the human body (the Aura). People that are energetically sensitive like, Empaths, Earth Angels or Clairsentients may notice that they feel lighter and brighter after their session. 

Private Energy Healing Sessions

On Thursday's in their private room, you gain the benefits of not only a combination of Reiki and IET, but while you relax during an energy healing session, you also get the benefits of Halotherapy 

(Salt Therapy).  There are 4 time slots available for your convenience. 

10am, 11:30am, 1pm, 2:30pm

Your self investement is $110

Salt Circle

Once a month, a group session takes place that is appropriately named "Salt Circle".

In a few spiritual beliefs and practices, a circle of salt is protective and while inside it, magic happens.

The idea behind this monthly Circle is that you are safe, supported, and given the opportunity to work through any number of things that present themselves. Each of us is experiencing something;  a challenge. When we gather together in support and community, the healing process is amplified.

You have the chance to be seen, and feel heard, knowing that each person in attendance is also there             for the same purpose, though our challenges are different.

At the end of Salt Circle, I perform a group meditation and energy clearing, asking our teams to step forward and assist us in our healing. 

Your journey, is your journey, but in no way should you feel that you are alone.  I aim to leave you feeling grounded, supported and empowered.

Your self investment is $50

We are all walking each other home.

To book a session with me, or to join our monthly Salt Circle, contact Saltastic directly.