You ARE magic! And guess what?! I'm creating a Magic Bag Mailout with that in mind!!! Imagine having the tools and techniques to navigate the energies that are incoming. What does that mean? It means that, you will get a parcel in the mail with a write up and some magical stuff to help you for the month.

Ie. Support for Mercury retro, full moon, new moon, solstices, equinoxes, and crazy energies that I pick up on to help you move through. It will come in a fun cotton bag, and the write up will be complete with some predictions as they come forward on what to expect (i will draw a few cards and include what they say too), maybe bath salts, oils or room sprays, maybe tea or smudge herbs, maybe crystals and maybe a bracelet. Surprises are magical, get lost in the excitement again! Let's get you glowing you magical human being! It's time to start feeding your light again. No more surviving. Its time to start thriving.

You can order month by month for $50+ tax and shipping, or the full 10 months for $500+ tax and free shipping! (Saving a bit more than $65)

Magik Bag Mailout