This is a monthly subscription that assists in guiding people through self healing while in lockdown and thereafter. 

It offers emotional stability,mental health support, spiritual guidance and physical tools to use in the process. You can sign up month by month, or the full 10 month series (Soul Star to Earth Star). By signing up for the full 10 month series, you'll receive free shipping (saving approximately $65) . 

In the monthly package you will receive 2 small (2mL) roller bottles of essential oils and 2-3 crystals associated with the specific chakra we are working on. Also included in your parcel will be a detailed write up with explanations on what the stones are, how best to work with them, information on the chakra that you are working on and practices that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

You can also choose the "surprise me" option which offers 2 intuitively chosen small (2mL)  roller bottles of essential oils and 2-3 crystals just for you (this is a 1 time selection, not a 10 month package) it will also include a detail write up and practices.

Chakra of the month club