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Energy Healing

Energy healing has the wonderful ability to assist you in moving through the discomfort of change and the challenges that come with the human experience.  
My main focus is on root cause and realignment.
With that focus in mind, I help  you create space for opportunities and open hearted living, with Divine assistance. 
There are several modalities that I am blessed to channel. Traditional Usui Reiki,  IET (Integrated Energy Therapy), and Phe-Lu. Plus a few other things that float in the Ethers.

In session, we assess what it is that you would like to work on. We discuss the challenges that you are facing and create an opening for that to shift.
After assessment, you'll have table time .
We work through whatever comes forward for you, whether it's from  this life or others, memories, emotional release, energetic imbalances, shifting negative thought patterns/self-imposed beliefs, realigning you with purpose, activation of Divine blue prints , Energetic recalibration etc.
After table time, we discuss what came forward, and the game plan for your next steps/homework. Yes, homework.

Though healing can be challenging on all levels, the intention is to leave you feeling empowered and capable of creating the shift you are looking for in your life.
Reiki is a wonderful modality that leaves you balanced, grounded and with an over all sense/feeling of well being. All work is done within the energy field, not on the body. 

IET works on the physical body, on a cellular level removing the trapped emotions from the body (like grief, fear, shame, guilt) and replacing it with the things that are supposed to reside in the specific parts of the body. Like feelings of support, love, safety/security, trust, spiritual pride, freedom etc. Working on the physical manifestation of stored emotions.

 Phe-Lu Energy Healing Sessions: Phe-Lu is a channeled healing modality that focuses on Root Cause and Realignment. I work with your Spirit Team to bring forward healing that is in alignment with your current path and redirect where needed. I work with you on your journey, offering intuitive support and guidance to assist you in moving forward. 
Full integration takes approximately 30 days, and you are fully supported in that process. I am here to answer any questions and walk you through the shifts that come afterwards. I encourage open communication.
You are not alone.
In these realignment sessions, I often use all of the tools in my toolbox at once to recalibrate, realign and redirect your energetic field. All of which play a huge roll in getting you back on path, on purpose.

 Sessions are $125 + HST for 1.5hrs.
 For more information, or to book a session, please visit our contact the elementals page.

Please note that all above mentioned services do not make promises of miraculous healing. Should you have a medical condition please seek attention from a licensed medical professional. We take no responsibility for clients choosing alternative therapies as treatment of medical conditions.

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